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This my friends is called, “Arrow.”
This is a future story that I will do later on through my life. So… Do anyone who is who? probably ^^

wanted to give them a new look. Only the middle one doesn’t really change ^^

Okay. If anyone reads the Sonic Universe… And there’s different Sonic’s like… Scourge…. Zonic.. You get me right?

Well this is another zone.

Called; ArcherWood Zone.

And I recreated the characters in this picture.

Sonic The Hedgehog
Tails Prower
Amy Rose

I did some Sonic Boom thing onto Sonic if you noticed his “bandages” Unlike Sonic boom that is Sports Tape. But really in the ArcherWood Zone it’s bandages.

Plus he has a cape along with his neckerchief. (Instead of a hood)

Tails is different with his look. I made him more… Clonic
And making him more.. Knowledgeable

Amy’s bangs are totally different. Why? Inspired by my first Sonamy child I tried to do. But Tada!

age- 19 
Ability- Speed
Weapons- bow and Arrow

age- 11 
Ability- brains
Weapons- None

Age- 15
Ability- strength
Weapons- crossbow

Summary- To be the best, you have to be. No matter how tight or loose your bow is. You can fire as far as the eye can see. To live. You have to survive. By the King Robotnik. He slaves his people in hell. Not anymore. Near the North of Cripple Ack. Inside the forests of Spinster. A cunning, cocky, flirty hog who tends to prove himself worthy. But not just to the villagers. The whole World.

Yeah terrible summary ain’t it? The story does contain.. Action, violence and friendship plus an adventure! Soo…..; Yeah!


I love the idea I would totally read it! Is this a story or something?

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